Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Downsizing Stress....

If you ever get an inkling to move during the holidays, i highly recommend rethinking it if at all possible!  Seriously, things are getting crazy over here between the sorting, the packing, the paperwork, get togethers with friends and still trying to maintain some sort of normalcy of life.  Whatever THAT is!

This year we are downsizing our Christmas stress to compensate for moving stress.  Our home isn't our typical picture of a winter wonderland.  Tonight a string of lights went out on our ONE little imitation tree. (WHY is it ALWAYS the middle section!?!)  It's ok though, we can still read stories and camp out under it even if it is not "all aglow."  i am pretty sure the kids won't remember the year half of the tree was unlit....

Our Christmas village has felt the effects of tough economic times.  Half of the shops have gone out of business but thankfully the ones we like to frequent are still thriving!

Riley keeps asking me to find the box with the pretty mistletoe decoration.  i am pretty sure at this point it would be easier to scale a nearby tree and cut a fresh clump than to plow through additional boxes. 

Our home was filled with company this weekend and our house wasn't spotless.  i don't think it would even pass for clean.  There was not the slightest attempt to disguise the mounds of laundry or straighten the growing piles of "storage" items accumulating on the dinning room table.  In fact some of our company had to sleep outside.

But it's ok because we did a lot of other things that count for a whole lot of Christmas goodness.

Watching My Little Ballerina TipToe to Angel Music.

My Little Ballerina Captivated by the other Graceful Ballerinas

Baking our traditional Peppernuts in Grandpa's trailer.  
(Passed down to a 5th generation this year!)

Tickling the ivories Burnett Style!

Constructing gingerbread yummies with friends.

When we can't find our favorite Christmas CD we don't stress, we just start belting out our own little renditions.  

i wouldn't dream of opening Pinterest or a Christmas magazine to look for fabulous recipes, decorations, parties and gift ideas.   

Downsizing our expectations is a very good thing!

Simply enjoying the little things right now!


Lyndsay said...

You know...maybe we should all downsize a bit. It seems as though you aren't getting distracted by everything you "should" do at the holidays, but focusing on what is most important. A good reminder! Press on friend!

Tami said...

Thank you Lynds! Will you remind me of this NEXT year when i'm sure i will be striving to create a "perfect" Christmas while in the middle of the desert?!?

rentz said...

Tami, reading your blog makes me want to see you. :(