Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Wonderland

We live in an Over the Top Birthday Wonderland.  It's Dubai it can't help but be over the top.  The first birthday party Kyle was invited to was at Atlantis. 

All i had previously heard about Atlantis was that it was a place most people considered a vacation destination and here my kiddo was going to a 3rd grade birthday party.  i've also heard stories about the 4th grade party that was a sleep over at the Burj Al Arab... THE 7 STAR HOTEL!!!  We haven't even been in the lobby!  

The more typical sort of invites we get are to things like VIP movies where kids have their own private theater & their own butlers to bring them whatever food and drink they want at the push of a button.

There's the local hotel beach club parties

Hello Kitty Spa Day

Drivers Training to prepare for real race cars


And of course the regular beach parties 

concluding with floating lanterns.

i understand in a place like Dubai where fireworks are commonly viewed from children's balconies 

and camels can be rented for a party for next to nothing

to the point where Riley now considers ponies the novelty

it is difficult as parents to make a party exciting for the children we adore.  
How can you make party day special when everyday sometimes feels a bit partyish?

If you're a boy whose going to turn 11 and your mom wants to make it super easy on herself you head out to the ultimate kid Wonderland... Nature
Because i have a tendency to recycle sometimes and i prefer running outside to the treadmill, i have earned the reputation of being "The Natural California Girl."  Most here chalk up this "natural" oddity as a result of living in California.  Of course the California girl would move the party outdoors.
Throw together 6 eleven year old boys, add a few younger sisters for good measure and let them run wild.

Boy Vs Wild

Make them do pushups and race through the water carrying 10 pound bags of sand on their back

 Make them eat gross survival food Bear Grylls style

"Tarantula eggs"

Make them cook their own hot dogs and s'mores make a great substitute for birthday cake.  

We have CERTAINLY enjoyed all the gracious and exciting events we have been invited to.  Every time an envelope comes home from school, the kids can't wait to open it and see what sort of exciting party they have been invited to.

  But i must admit, it makes my heart happy to know that wide open sand, Nerf guns and fighting battles without shirts is still considered cool.  Smiling faces speckled with mud is the proof.  
Simplicity still has a place in Birthday Wonderland!  

And for the record, i even got a few.... "This is the BEST birthday party i've ever been to!"

(Alright, so 2 of those comments came from the newbie kids who just arrived and this is their first Dubai birthday party but whatever, i'll take it.)