Why We Are Going

This is my man, Chris.  i totally respect him and think he is amazing in so many ways.  He's pretty much the reason we are packing our bags for Dubai.  He is a unique blend of brains and wit.  When i met him in college i knew he was funny but didn't know till later exactly how smart he was.  

(See, when your first assignment in a college speech class is supposed to be a well planned out informative speech and the cute guy in class comes up with a last minute, "How to eat an invisible Twinkie" your initial response is laughter not thoughts of, "Wow, what a brain!") 

Ok, back to the point....  He is an impressive mixture of a math savvy structural engineer that really loves being around people.  As a result he landed a job 10 years ago as a sales engineer with a company that makes building products.  This company is expanding and currently has a small office in Dubai.  Chris was asked if he would be willing to go and help develop it.  

TOGETHER, as a family we prayerfully decided that we are up for a 2-3 year adventure of living in the 
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
in the city and emirate of Dubai which is located on the Persian Gulf.

 This blog is my take on our family adventure...

Tamily Blog, as someone pointed out.  

 Our life packed up and moved half way across the world to live on the Arabian Peninsula.