Saturday, November 26, 2011

Full Hearts

i think the old platitude, distance makes the heart grow fonder should be lengthened a tad.  I would like to add a lead-in;  the moments prior to an impending distance can also have a pretty powerful impact on the heart.  A fleeting timeline has a way of flavoring simple events with delightful moments that beg to be savored.  This move of ours is reminding me that time with those we love is a lot like opening an expensive well aged bottle of wine.  We are attempting to fully taste life and relishing the fragrance of its bouquet and the hints of every flavor buried within each moment.

Ear tweakings from Grandpa when apprehended from a crime.

Peeking out a kitchen window to find cousins raking leaves without being prompted...

with absolutely NO ulterior motives...

apart from torturing innocent little girls.

Thankfully there is always an adult on hand to advocate order

Things we are thankful for right now...

Muddy little fingers that grasp brightly colored leaves!

Teaching younger cousins new tricks

Older cousins to cling to

Fountains to swipe coins from

Lots of little digits to help control traffic 

Pajamas covered in doughnut sprinkles

Peeking into Christmas dressed windows.

Our hearts are full this Thanksgiving as family from near and far gathered around one table to give thanks for our abundant blessings!

Giving Thanks Always


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