Friday, December 30, 2011

Nothing but NET

Have you ever seen the cartoon where some poor character is dramatically crying while trapped in a burning building?  Meanwhile, stories below the firemen are racing back and forth all willy-nilly with the rescue net attempting to catch him as he is about to fling himself to the ground.  Something like this... only more slapstick.  Yeah, we all know one of the possible endings;  a) the jumper has horrible aim and misses the net completely  b.) the net breaks and they end up in the basement of the street or  c) they bounce completely off the net into some other horrible demise.  Hilarious right?!? (Ahem)  As a kid i was always amused by these antics.  

Lately however, i have come to appreciate a good quality NET.

With all the busyness of the holidays, the details of an international move,  Chris half way across the world, and trying to be a patient mommy while dealing with every one's emotions, sometimes i feel like i'm free falling.  Lucky for me my net is WAY bigger and more secure than that cartoon!  See, i'm swinging on a trapeze and down below me my NET is long and wide.  No matter where i find myself falling there is an amazing net of friends & family to catch me.  

i've got my girls that are willing to leave their warm beds ridiculously EARLY in the morning to help me set up for a yard sale.

 Girlfriends that drive way out of their way for a cup of coffee with me.

i get phone calls of encouraging words, gifts left on my doorstep that warm my heart, & texts reminding me to hang in there.

New tutors that become friends and help us survive homeschooling!

i have a family that bends over backward to lend a hand.

Families that drive hours out of their way to give us their blessings.

Our co-op group that wanted us to give them a presentation on Dubai. 

Sarah, half way across the world is willing to wait in line for Chris' Visa so he can make it home for Christmas!

An amazing teacher asking if she can bring gingerbread crafting to my kids!? (Uh, YES please!)   

Spending Christmas Eve morning with good friends all clad in pajamas.  (You know how heart warming it is to see a bunch of our Littles dressed in footed PJ's jumping like a bunch of wild monkeys on a trampoline first thing Christmas Eve?!  SWEET!)

There are so many more acts of random goodness that has been poured over our family lately that i couldn't even begin to relay them all. 

  i have always know that i have fabulous friends from all over but as i teeter high above on the tight rope of this move, i have a new perspective of my security net down below and it is GOOD!

Thank you NET!  i love you!


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Noelle said...

I read this the other day and it made me think of you!
"A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation; doesn't always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part"

YOU,my friend, are a beautiful part of my heart and forever will you stay. I treasure you and pray for you and your amazing family everyday! Ok, this is starting to rhyme now..Cheezzzzz. Lol! LOVE you, friend! xoxoxo