Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures in Peace

Adventure and Peace are not typically two words you'd string together in a sentence.  Some words are perfectly balanced and complete each other, they are just more suitable side by side than standing solo.

Peanut butter & Jelly, Romeo & Juliet, Wine & Cheese, 
Welcome Home.

   See?  They are meant for each other.  

Adventure and Peace, not so much.  i would typically classify them more along the lines of opposites, oxymorons really.

 Yet those two words seem to be riding in perfect tandem all over our lives lately.

The thought of packing alone would normally send me into a tailspin.   i have been known to exhibit some control freak tendencies.  i like to have well strategized plans in place as well as a couple extra backups.  Moving is just plain stressful no matter where the truck takes you and i prefer to be well prepared.  

Yeah, except God has an extraordinary way of teaching you things in ways you'd never imagine.  Sometimes you just can't plan LIFE.  A few years back when we started discussing the possibility of taking an international position, i pretty much remember us both saying we'd be willing to go anywhere BUT the Middle East.  (i think that was right around the time i still believed i would NEVER homeschool and we all know how THAT turned out.)  After recovering from the shock of the possible location we started to pray about it... all four of us.  And before we knew it there was a very clear and present peace about walking through the doors that were open.  i mean like a really amazing, God's in control and we are not and it's all good, kind of peace.   We know there are going to be LOTS of amazing adventures mixed with some really BIG challenges but there is a renewed confidence that whatever comes our way, the Lord is going to use it to shape our family in ways that were previously unknown to us.
Some days i eye the stacks of documents to be processed, the boxes to pack, store, sell, ship, the logistic emails to answer and wonder... "Why am i not freaking out right now?"  But really i know, it's a peace that passes all understanding and it's guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:6-7)  

Who knew the first part of an Adventure could be Peace!?  

What about you?  Tell me something you've done totally out of your comfort zone that's changed you?

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