Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just to Clarify...

Having a peace about stepping out into the great unknown doesn't mean there are not moments of tears and butterflies.  

In fact, just tonight as i was doing the dishes @ MY kitchen sink in the house that i love, i realized that within a matter of weeks some other woman will be using this sink and it will be her kitchen.  Our entry way lights are still on, friends have just left, the kids are in bed exhausted but happy and the only thing left on the dining room table is the empty bottle of wine and a couple of place mats.  Just an hour ago our house was full of children, laughter, delicious food and friends.  Adult conversation was often interrupted to comfort a crying child,  but funny stories where exchanged and i got to snuggle a baby that wasn't mine.  These are the things that make life rich.  Maybe it is because i feel there is a count down happening lately that i take in and savor every moment that i can.  i am constantly attempting to store away the precious bits of life that i would typically take for granted.    

The sweet friend that handed me a note and i knew i would have to read in private because it would bring tears to my eyes.  

A yard filled with boys playing football, who have known each other since preschool.

Swinging by a friends house after the kids have gone to bed to work on last minute craft projects.

Talking to my mom on the phone without having to figure out the time zone first.

Not getting to sign up for the up coming 1/2 marathon with my Runner Girls.

Laying back on the grass on a crisp fall day and looking up at the billow white clouds to look for shapes with my children.

Watching my kids sit at our glass double doors waiting for their friends to arrive. 

Running into the library where they all know and greet me by name.

Watching the leaves change into a myriad of colors.

Seeing my favorite entryway light on and dimmed low, hearing the dishwasher humming and feeling the quiet contentedness of our home after an evening filled with family friendships.  The type of friendships that mingle between the adults and children and fill our home and life with love.

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