Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have a Looksie

Our trip to Dubai was more business than pleasure.  We were on what is called a "Look~See" in the expat world.  Translation:  Bring wifey to foreign country;  Look & See if she is willing to make this home for the next 2-3 years.   (My hat goes off to the brave women i've met who moved sight unseen.)   We were given a tour guide per se to take us around the city, show us homes, schools, grocery stores and acquaint us with the general area and some of its culture.  Our intent was to secure a home and enroll kids in a possible school.  Both of which are apparently very difficult tasks in Dubai.  Thankfully, our guide had the loveliest of British accents.  For some reason even blows of the worst news can be softened with a British delivery. 

"Yes, prah-pah-ty is incredibly difficult to secure here in Dubai.  I will show you some brilliant prah-pah-ty but you will not be able to guarantee it for your move in January.  Ah yes, and there are currently no schools that have openings for both of your children, I am sorry to say." 

Our days felt exhausting at times.  We viewed so many rentals we had to take pictures of each place just to keep things straight in our jet lagged minds.  

Prime location, small spaces....

Looking for a good deal?  Follow the unfinished buildings and abandoned cranes for sweet savings!

Even the smallest front yards will have grass once they are completed.

Can you read Chris' face?  He had an opinion before he entered the front gate.

Then there were the schools.  So many choices!  Were we looking for an American, International or a British curriculum? An International Baccalaureate Program straight away or starting in high school?  There was new lingo we had to wade through; grades KG1 and KG2, 13 year vs 14 year schools.  Headmasters & The Ministry of Education both of whom were requiring copious amounts of documentation just to be put on a wait list!  Three days of this type of overload coupled with jet lag seems to be just the right conditions for a perfect storm.  i will unashamedly admit i did have a breakdown right there on our balcony.

Want to know what put me over the edge?... that lovely British tour guide.  She has more information on Dubai stored in her brain than i thought was humanly possible.   Apparently my limited brain could input no more and her fabulous British accent suddenly morphed into something akin to Charlie Brown's Teacher.

"On your right you will see the most exclusive whaa-whaa, built by whaa-whaa-whaa, and owned by whaa-whaa.  It its parking garage you will find stalls large enough to park a Rolls Royce."  

After that it was all black....

Chris apparently timed my breakdown and reported it back to his boss.  i quickly discover a previously undisclosed aspect of the "Look~See."  Look and See how often she cries.  Chris' thoughtful Higher Ups kept texting him to check in with how i was doing.  From what i gather the crying rubric starts at the under 4 minute mark and works its way up the clock.  i still am unclear on what officially makes the grade but from what i can gather i received the stamp of approval.

Thankfully at the end of the week some of the loose ends were tied up.  Well, sort of.  We toured a school that was BEAUTIFUL and just so happen to maybe have room for both our children.  We also decided on a house that may be available for us in January and may be within our price range so our name is on the top of that list.  i know, it sounds like not much was accomplished but Thursday we felt like we had some questions answered and our balcony reflection looked like this.

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