Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big Changes Ahead

Not long ago, i entered my first post on this little blog (you can read it here) as we made plans to move our entire family from our lovely home in California to the desert of the United Arab Emirates.  Two years ago my kiddos got their first little pristine passports and their Dubai adventure started like this...    

Now their Passports are color coded to assist in our travels and have been stamped by UAE, France, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Oman and Kenya.  That's 7 countries & 3 continents in 2 years, which in their circle of expats friends is still consider only rookie level.    
Where they once tired of two hour car rides, they now consider eight hour plane rides short.  It is a good thing their travel stamina has improved because we are about pack up and fly 18 hours to our new home. 

The next phase of the adventure looks something like this


New STAMP coming soon


Lovella said...

Wow! Those two little travelers sure have grown (in more than one way) from one picture to the next!

Monica said...

When is the move happening?

Tami said...

December!! EEeekk!