Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Land of Nod

Last year around this time we experienced the loss of a loved one.  It was difficult for us all but especially the children.  Weary little heads attempting to rest in cozy beds found the dark and quiet nights difficult.  Often in the evening a sadness would surround them and surrendering to sleep is almost impossible when thoughts of missing grandpa run through little minds.  Those restless nights and a prompting from the Lord, caused us to dream up an imaginary land filled with impossible stories.  Stories that would replace sadness with wildly wonderful adventures where Kyle and Riley are the main characters.  The introduction to the story always begins...

"Once upon a time far far away in the Land of Nod where anything can happen and almost always does, where children never get in trouble because they are always loving and kind, there lived two children, Kyle & Riley." 
 (We don't pay much attention to grammar and run on sentences when mommy has to make it up off the top of her head.) 

The story always proceeds into some unfathomable series of events.  Anything and everything they could imagine happens in Nod.  The only qualifier is that events and characters have to be good, lovely and right.  Everybody knows nothing bad ever enters into the Land of Nod.

(i will be the first to tell you that although Dubai will be an amazing experience for our family it is FAR from the Land of Nod.  There are things here that break my heart and are far from good, lovely and right.)

  But... i have overheard my children saying, "Are we in the Land of Nod or what?!"  And rightly so since there have been several times when they find themselves in the middle of their wild and wonderful stories they thought existed only in Nod.

Because in the Land of Nod Riley has a giant tree where lollipops of all flavors and colors grow.  Little girl climbs that tree and eats however many she wants and NEVER gets a tummy ache.   

(Next chapter i'm thinking she should be able to just pull off treats mommy's dress...)

Candy wardrobe

In the Land of Nod Kyle has every Lego piece ever created and he is capable of building absolutely ANYTHING.

Kyle also has a pet dragon that flies the kids around Nod high above the clouds.

Balcony view of the clouds not to be mistake with a Dragon view...

Although we haven't seen a real dragon, Kyle did love the dragon that lit up the Burj Al Arab one evening in celebration of the Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Dragon.

In Nod you can slip into the water and swim with mermaids, sharks, and bat rays and always find your way back home.  In the Dubai Mall you can walk through an aquarium tunnel and watch as the fish swim all around you.

If we want sugary white sand perfect for sand castles we do actually have to go the beach and not the mall.

Although some parts of the Land of Nod seem to have come to life right before our very eyes the imagination is never ending and we are always discovering new stories to add to our tales.

You never know what sort of animals you might find in the most unexpected places.  Bunnies hippity hopping around hotel grounds for children to chase.

Falcons perched for you to pet while waiting for dinner.

Finding REAL camel rides in the play ground. 
(Mommies in the Land of Nod don't have to travel by taxi everywhere.  Therefore they ALWAYS have enough cash for camel rides.)  

Pink haired mannequins coming alive when you least expect it.

Play Station in the Doctor's office. 
 Only picture i was able to snag on our follow up appointment. (Read the whole story here.)  i just couldn't bring myself to whipping out the camera while people are feeling lousy in the waiting room.  

Confession... all self restraint almost flew out the window when a server walked by with a tray of cappuccinos!!  i knew they served them there just not that they will actually bring it to you.  Do you KNOW how badly i wanted a picture of that from the doctors office!?  You will just have to trust me.  

Back to the Land of Nod...
  As for children never getting in trouble, that part we have yet to discover.  BUT this handy dandy room key holder has certainly eliminated some parent/child strife.

You are hurrying everyone out the door, already late.  As the last kiddo rushes past you and is half way to the elevator you glance around the apartment (as small as it may be) and notice EVERY light and lamp was left on.  It would take forever to run through and turn off all the switches and dials.  Being the very Eco conscious person you are you know you can't leave all the lights and air on in each room.  What's a mama to you do?  Yell at the the Littles to come back and turn off all the lights?  Nope, around here you calmly take your little room key out of its cute little holder and CLICK!  all the power in the apartment is off!!  Magic i tell you, 

 Land of Nod magic! 


Noelle said...

Fantastic!!! All of it! Between your brilliant writing and exquisite photographs,I see books in your future! Love you xoxo

Lovella said...

Yep...what Noelle said!!

Lyndsay said...

So great. You're such a good mama!

Betty said...

Wow - I'm going to be looking for some Land of Nod magic!

Bridget Homer said...

I am just loving all of your writing and your stories! Feels like I'm reading a novel of sorts! What will they do next? :) Thank you, too, for your sweet comment on my blog. I am such a bad bad blogger. Most of my stuff is on my fb fan page! :) All of the pics you have shared are amazing! Nice work!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Also....in the land of Nod, your car computer alerts you when you exceed the speed limit because you will never get pulled over by CHP but YOU WILL get all of the tickets you have mysteriously accumulated, in the mail......along with your photo to prove you were the one behind the wheel.
Now THAT's Majik! Gotta love good ole Nod.