Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Apple A Day...

The flu has been circulating around our little apartment.  Right now we are at a 50 percent sick rate.  We are hoping and praying it stays that way and doesn't spread.  'Cuz planting is really hard to do when you can't get out of bed.

Ry seems to have it the worst.  Wednesday night she felt really hot.  We needed a thermometer and ibuprofen!  This demand led us to a FABULOUS discovery!  Pharmacies deliver here for about $1.00!  Do you know how much i LOVE that!?  The lobby made a call for us and i kid you not, less than 10 minutes later everything i needed was delivered to my door!  i almost kissed the man holding that little bag!  (However, since i am not even supposed to kiss my husband in public you will be glad to know i restrained myself.)

In the morning Chris was feeling better and had to catch up on some required planting.  He left first thing in the morning to resolve cell phones, visas and various other UAE requirements.  An hour later, Ry's fever was high again, so i did what any Mama in Dubai does, head to the mall. 

Who knew our first trip to the world's biggest mall would be to see the DOCTOR?!?  We have quickly come to learn that if you need ANYTHING you simply go straight to the mall, do not pass go. 

Public library?  Aquarium?  Groceries?  Hotel?  Doctor?.... Mall.

Since my purse was filled with  paperwork, passports, & dirhams and my arms were full of a sick little girl, there was no room for my camera so you are going to have to use your imagination here.

We called a cab and asked him to take us to the Dubai Mall and drop us off on the Fashion Level, (i know, makes perfect sense right?!)  i asked him if he knew about the medical clinic in the mall (cabi's know where everything is!) he said he didn't.  (Gulp)  i started sweating right there in the cab but decided to follow the address info given to me.

 The Dubai Mall
Medical Centre
 Fashion Parking level 7

We entered through the door that said Channel and Bloomingdale's and my heart started pounding.  Ry's temp was over 103 and our appointment was in 5 minutes!  This entrance made no sense.  What would they do with my appointment time if i got lost in the world's biggest mall and was late?!  "Please Lord, let this turn out better than figuring out how to run a clothes dryer!" 

Once we entered we saw clearly the signs marking the way to the Medical Centre.  Whoo Hoo!  We walked in and in and in.  It is HUGE!  (Insert your imagination here because it was unlike anything i have ever seen.)  Think of it as a pristine clean and trendy night club where the interior decorator went with the "white" theme.  White wavy walls with blue accent lights, modern white and grey couches.  Long gray curtains adorned the walls and in one area created a separate woman's waiting area if you are looking for some privacy.  The white flowers gave it the feel of a spa but the Purell dispensers reminded us otherwise.  Kyle tried out the PlayStation gaming area while we waited.  i eyed the little barista with drinks and pastries should we have to wait long time and need some food. 

After checking, we waited maybe 10 minutes before a nurse approached us and ushered us back.  She took Ry's vitals and walked us directly into the doctor's office.  As in, he was sitting at his desk working on the computer.  He had us sit down and thoroughly questioned us for at least 15 minutes.  i was fearful after awhile he wasn't going to examine Ry.  Turns out he does and then discusses options of what he suggests we do.  He gave her a dose of Tylenol right then and there and then prescribed other meds for her influenza like symptoms.  (At which point i begin mentally calculating how to get the pharmacy to deliver those when i have the prescription.)  i quickly learn i needn't worry because the pharmacy counter is just past the barista.  SWEET! 
As i sat waiting to finish up billing (which is covered by insurance) i was flooded with thankfulness.  Neither of my kids have ever been this sick and to have it happen in a foreign country could have been a complete nightmare.  Although it was still nerve racking and we continue to pray Ry will be up and playing again soon, i am so thankful for the Lord's tender mercies.  i am reminded that when i am sheltered in my little comfort zone it's easy to take things for granted and miss the gentle way He cares about every detail of our lives.   
As it turns out the most difficult part of this appointment was finding the cab line on our way out.  We walked out the wrong door and ended up in front of this hotel which only allows Lexus taxis to make pick ups rather than lowly regular ones.  Not wanting to pay triple the fee, we walked around the corner to the cab line.  Even that turned out to be an adventure because we happen to catch a glimpse of members of the royal family which Kyle thought was cool and Riley could care less.  

Ry is still sleeping but her fever is down and we are praying she is on the mend! 



Lovella said...

Only you, Tami, can write about a really difficult experience and bring humor to it. And, yes, thanks to your beautiful writing, I could picture the experience. Why do I worry so?!

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that prayers are answered, even when we are 16 hours apart. We praise the Lord for His gentle mercies. Love and squeezes for the little angel. Love Ompa

Noelle said...

Ok, you've got me. I am moving to Dubai!!!!! So thankful to our amazing,loving and sovereign God for guiding you through this scary,uncertain and unfamiliar experience. Praying for continued healing and health for all of you. How awesome to have the medical puzzle solved and out of the way. 1 mystery solved, 3 years worth to go. Love you to the moon and back <3

Noelle said...
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Tami said...

Noelle,so true! I thought i would have plenty of time to research pediatricians once we got settled. Ha! I will cross that off my to do list. Love you! Thanks all for keeping us covered in prayer!

rentz said...

Still praying here in Kansas. And I agree with your mom, I love your writing too! Enjoying living vicariously through you!

bernadine barnes said...

oh Tami, i can only imagine what i would've done in that situation! i love your commentary! trying to imagine Dr.bumatay in that office! lol!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the reminder that God indeed cares about every little detail of our lives. Praying you all get better soon!

Tami said...

FYI... had to pass on that Ry is out of bed and doing great! The meds are working. So thankful! Bernadine, when Dr. Bumatay found out we were moving to Dubai she said she wanted to come visit. I am totally going to take her to the Doctors office as part of the "tour." ;-)