Thursday, October 25, 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

Happy Birthday to our "Little Man" who is becoming less little everyday!

Can a 10 year old still be called 
"Pee Wee!?"

You are a wonderful brother and your sis is one of your biggest fans

... even if you are ornery at times... 

i adore your knobby soccer knees

along with all your other athletic skills

It has been such a joy for us to watch you grow into the young man you are becoming.  
You are the most insightful kiddo who never ceases to blow us away with your discernment.  You are adventurous in ways we never previously imagined.  i love that you know exactly when your body needs a snuggle!
Your family adores you and we are so blessed to have been gifted you.  

 i love you a bushel and a peck to the moon and back!


rentz said...

Happy birthday, Kyle!

Les said...

What a beautiful picture diary of our first grandchild, Kyle, we are so proud of yu and we remember almost every event of these pictures!! I especially remember the day you were born, as your grandparents (to be) waited all day for you to arrive, and you finally made it right in God's time. You have blessed so many people, your fellow classmates, uncles, aunt parents, and grandparents,and great grandparents.
May God continue to use you in some more very specific ways, through out this next year. Love you Ompa!
P.S. Happy Birthday again!!!!!

Betty said...

He's still young enough to be kissed by his momma! Happy Birthday, Kyle :)