Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Wheels

Lately we have been researching cars as it is time to make a purchase.  At first i really didn't care WHAT sort of car i drove because ANYTHING is better than a taxi.  But... after only a few months in Dubai and being surrounded by all these high end cars, i am starting to think maybe we should upgrade for the next few years.  Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Rolls Royce's are more common than camel sightings around these parts.  I mean, when in Dubai, right?!  A 2 seater seems completely impractical but let's face it, all practicality flies out the window the minute you board a flight to Dubai.  AND, it is true the other day my little Jetta rental actually out drove the Ferrari next to me.  i was giggling uncontrollably as he revved his engine and i sailed past him because i didn't have to come to a complete stop to scale the mountainous speed bumps.  

BUT, if ever there was a time to upgrade now just may be it.  Especially since i have found a Lamborghini that is actually in our price range! 

As you can see it will need to be cleaned up a bit.

You should have heard the excitement in Kyle's voice when he spotted it.

Still giggling!


Lovella said...

Hahahaha! Only in Dubai, right?

Anonymous said...

Kyle, Just for YOUR information, not for mom or dad. There are Lamborghini tractors here in the US and even some in Tulare Co. and maybe even one or two around KB> As you can see, they are not as clean and nice as the cars though. I used to have a customer in Porterville, that had one that he used in teh vineyard. So even the US is not to backward, huh!!!

rentz said...