Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sand Storm

This is the post where those of you who were even the slightest bit envious of our Arabian adventure will sit back and breath a clear sigh of relief that you only have to read about this one.

Friday was our first official sandstorm since we've moved here.  Chris and i got to experience one while we were here in Oct.  (You can see pictures here.)  Let's just say it is WAY more exciting when you are visiting and get to view it from inside a hotel a few days before you are set to leave.  Coming to grips with our new reality not nearly as glamorous. 

As we walked into church after parking our car, we were pelted with sheets of sand paper.  The kids closed their eyes as we led them by the hand into the building.  On the way in Ry said, "i'm just not used to this yet like everyone else here."  Sweet girl had her optimism dashed as a 20 year Dubai veteran next to us chuckled and said, "You never get used to this."  Once inside the shelter of the church i attempted to make myself presentable by straightening out my "sandy blond" hair (teehee) and dusting off the thin coat of fine sand that covered me from head to toe.  Somewhere in the world i am sure a woman is paying a fortune for a full body scrub like the one i just received while walking through the church parking lot. 

"Parking Lot"

i have over heard some discussion among the locals regarding a real Dubai sand storm and the one portrayed in the latest Mission Impossible movie.  (Unfortunately for me, we have been so absorbed in trying to adjust to the real Dubai i haven't had a chance to see Hollywood's version yet.)  They can only speculate what it actually looks like as it picks up speed in the middle of the vast sandy desert but we know what it looks like once it hits the city.  The sky looks like a blanket of gray and the visibility reminds me of foggy days in the Central Valley.

The sand literally slithers in lines across the road like snakes in quick pursuit of their prey. 

Oh, and the fun things you find back at your home!

A fresh blanket of sand

and our very own Zen Garden on our front step!

Kyle's final response of the day,
 "Well, I thought a sandstorm would be way cooler than that." 


kmigliori said...

Love the welcome mat! You could get a small potted bonsai and put it on your front porch to confuse people. Enjoy your Arabian zen garden:)

Lovella said...

You are all so funny!! Love it!!

Noelle said...

Eek Gads!!!! The sand in the hair *Dislike*

Natalie said...

I'm with Kyle on that one. Sand storms...eyagh. Do the kids have "sandstorm" recess inside the gym?